Human Resources: Vacancies

The Iberia Parish School Board, an equal opportunity employer, is accepting applications for the following positions:


Location Position Description
Educational Center Computer Tech I
Computer Tech I - The job description, which includes the minimum qualifications, is attached.

Starting Salary - $32,789.00 (includes 3 deferred payments)

Applicants - E-mail a resume and proof of industry certifications to Duane Guilbeau ( by April 28th at 12:00 noon.

Contact Duane Guilbeau ( or phone (337) 364-7641) if you have any questions regarding the position.


Certified teachers and teachers who will be certified by Summer 2014, may contact principals for interviews.

Submit to the personnel office (via e-mail – or mail, the following information:

  • Application (on website)
  • Resume
  • Praxis scores
  • Official college transcript
  • Teaching certificate (Spring 2014 graduates must get a letter from their university stating that they are completing certification requirements this semester.
  • At least two past evaluations (Spring graduates – Student Teaching Final Eval.)
  • Letters of recommendations are a plus.

You may e-mail Jacklene Jones (, Director of Personnel, if you have any questions regarding this process.

Location Position Description
Alternative Center for Education Secondary Math Please contact Maxine Jones, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-3696 or email,
Anderson Middle 8th Grade SPED/Resource
7th Grade Math
Please contact James Russell, Principal, by phone,
(337) 365-3932 or by email,
Belle Place Middle 8th Grade Social Studies Please contact Curtis Coquat, Principal, by phone,
(337) 364-2141 or by email,
Caneview Elementary 6th Grade Math Please contact Chantel Helms, Principal, by phone,
(337) 369-6517 or by email,
Coteau Elementary 6th Grade ELA
5th Grade Math/Science
Please contact Consuela Roberson, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-3653 or by email,
Delcambre Elementary SPED/Resource
5th Grade ELA
Please contact Jodi Romero, Principal, by phone
(337) 685-2376 or by email,
Delcambre High Biology & General Science
7th/8th Grade Math
Please contact Kim Messman, Principal, by phone
(337) 685-2595 or by email,
Dodson Elementary 1st Grade Please contact Angela Louviere, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-3738 or by email,
Jeanerette Elementary Kindergarten
2nd Grade
Please contact Devon Willis-Jones, Principal, by phone
(337) 276-6355 or by email,
Jeanerette Senior High Secondary Math
Secondary English
Guidance Counselor
7th Grade Science
Please contact Heath Hulin, Principal, by phone
(337) 276-6038 or by email,
Jefferson Island Road Elementary 5th Grade Please contact Tabitha Heumann, Principal, by phone
(337) 365-1120 or by email,
Johnston-Hopkins Elementary

1st Grade
4th grade ELA
5th Grade ELA/Social Studies
6th Grade Math

Please contact Mona Atchison, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-9687 or by email,
Loreauville Elementary 3rd Grade Please contact Gannon Dooley, Principal, by phone
(337) 229-6363 or by email,
Loreauville High SPED/Resource/Read 180
Middle School English
Please contact Karen Bashay, Principal, by phone
(337) 229-4701 or by email,
Magnolia Elementary SPED/Resource Please contact Paige Bullock, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-6120 or by email,
New Iberia Senior High Math
Please contact Curt Landry, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-6714 or by email,
North Lewis Elementary 5th Grade ELA
Please contact Tim Rosamond, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-6132 or by email,
North Street Elementary P.E. Please contact Crystal Arceneaux, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-6636 or by email,
Park Elementary 1st Grade
6th Grade ELA/Social Studies
Please contact Pam Richardson, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-6189 or by email,
Pesson Elementary 2nd Grade (2 positions)
4th Grade
5th Grade (2 positions)
5th Grade Social Studies/Science
French (Itinerant with Coteau)
Please contact Alfreda Jackson, Principal, by phone
(337) 369-9907 or by email,
St. Charles Elementary 4th Grade
5th Grade Math/Science
5th Grade ELA/Social Studies
Please contact Allison O'Donnell, Principal, by phone
(337) 276-9712 or by email,
Sugarland Elementary 1st Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
Please contact Cheryl Broussard, Principal, by phone
(337) 365-9624 or by email,
Westgate High Physical Science
Secondary Math
Please contact Neely Moore, Principal, by phone
(337) 365-2431 or by email,
Special Education Department School Psychologist
School Psychologist
Educational Diagnostician
Educational Diagnostician
Please contact Patsy Hernandez, by phone
(337) 365-2343 or by email,
Gifted/Talented Gifted Middle or Secondary ELA
Gifted Middle or Secondary ELA
Gifted Middle or Secondary ELA
Gifted Secondary Math
Please contact Stephanie Judice, by phone
(337) 365-2343 or by email,
Homebound SPED/Resource
SPED & Elementary Ed Certified
Please contact Judy Joseph, by phone
(337) 365-2343 or by email,
Special Education Department Speech Therapist (4 positions)
School Nurse
Please contact Ann Verret, by phone
(337) 365-2343 or by email,

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