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Enrollment in Iberia Parish schools is temporary (up to 30 days), pending receipt of all required records: state issued birth certificate, official immunization/shot record, Social Security card, and proof of residence (gas, water or electricity bill). The parent is responsible for providing the required records to the school in a timely fashion.



Louisiana has a compulsory school attendance law which makes parents legally responsible for the regular school attendance of their children. Kindergarten children are included under this law. In addition, policies of the state and the Iberia Parish School Board regulate attendance.  All students in grades K-8 shall be in attendance at least one hundred sixty-seven (167) days of the school year in order to be considered for promotion. Students in grades 9th-12th must be in attendance eighty-three and one half (83.5) days per semester. A school year is one hundred eighty-two (182) days for all students. State and local attendance policies regulate the reasons for which a student may be absent from school.All students have a fundamental right to a free and appropriate public education. They also have the responsibility to promote self-respect and self-discipline. They are held accountable for their conduct and are governed by policies and procedures set by both the state and the Iberia Parish School Board.


School Board policy requires parents to verify their home address in order to register their children in the appropriate attendance zone. They must provide a recent utility bill or a receipt of a "connect notice" having their name and address on it. If the natural parents are separated or divorced, they may be asked to furnish a copy of a judicial order of custody. Cases involving custody (Act 304 of 1992) will result in the child's attending school within the zone of domicile of the parent awarded custody.

Extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis by the Parish Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance in consultation with the school principal and following School Board Policy.


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