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Visually Impaired


Iberia Parish School System's Visually Impaired Program services individuals with visual impairments in our parish. Teachers for the Visually Impaired provide direct and consultative services in a variety of educational settings to help students access the curriculum. Braille readers attend elementary, middle, and high school where services can be provided to meet their needs.

Students who are print readers and do not currently require Braille instruction or have the future need for Braille instruction will attend their home zone school where services can be provided through accommodations and assistive technology appropriate for their abilities. In order to adapt the learning materials for the students, they are provided with Braille materials, large print materials, magnification/enlargement devices as well as other assistive technology.

Orientation and Mobility instruction is provided on school campuses and in the community as determined by an IEP.

The following websites provide visual impairment information: