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The Iberia Vocational, Education, & Employment Readiness (i-VEER) program assist students in transitioning from the world of school to the workforce.  


The vision for the i-VEER Program is to provide exemplary instruction, skills training, and lifelong learning for success in a competitive workforce with our guiding principles of quality, integrity, and sustainability.  The mission for each student is to prepare them for a meaningful future by ensuring equitable access to opportunities and supporting each student’s talents and potential.


The purpose of the i-VEER Program is to provide high school students who meet the criteria to participate in the Jumpstart Alternative Pathway with employability skills training. It is also intended to heighten students’ skill sets in conjunction with on-the-job training, while fostering independent living skills.  The community work-based learning component will assist in fostering independence on the job.


The i-Veer Program is being utilized to build a programming continuum for course/vocational training progression with Community Based Instruction. The program will also enable the students to create and establish a school-based enterprise.  This hands-on learning environment and an entrepreneurial operation located in the school setting will assist students in identifying, creating, and selling goods or services that meet the needs of a specified market or target audience.  


IPSD has partnered with the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) to assist students with disabilities in their desire to obtain employment in their communities by working cooperatively with businesses and other community resources.

i-VEER Community-Based Education trains special education students through first-hand experience to become self-sufficient and able to function in the community.




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